MDI ENERGIA SA - comprehensive support after winning the ERO auction


Solar farms have captured the hearts of investors in Europe, and recently also in Poland. More and more entities are investing in photovoltaics in our country. An important element of this process is the ERO auctions for the sale of energy produced. But that's not all. In addition to a project ready for construction, with a winning auction, you also need financing and a reliable company with extensive experience in the implementation of such projects. 

Banks require proven companies that guarantee the implementation of the farm in accordance with the design and on dates consistent with the winning auction. MDI ENERGIA SA is perceived by financing institutions as a reliable contractor offering support to investors in obtaining financing for construction.

 For entities starting in auctions, it is an ideal solution, because everything can be arranged in one place, i.e., support in obtaining financing and the entire farm construction process.

MDI ENERGIA SA is a leader in the renewable energy sector, implements one of the largest photovoltaic farm projects in Poland. More than a dozen branches across the country enable the implementation of many projects at the same time. Currently, the company is completing the construction of further 1 MW solar farms, in the "turnkey" formula.

MDI ENERGIA SA prepared detailed designs of farms, both construction and energy, and updated building permits and environmental decisions, incl. due to the change of panels and inverters to more efficient. The biggest challenge was the arrangements with energy companies, but our own design office allows us to meet the investor's expectations.

MDI ENERGIA SA can provide complementary services, ranging from replacement permits, through construction and energy generation, to putting the farm into operation.

-  Demanding projects are not an obstacle, they are a challenge that, after thorough analysis, we are usually willing to take up. The implementation of several farms at the same time is a considerable effort. However, 20 years of experience gained during the construction of one of the largest wind farms and biogas plants in Poland allows us to adapt and operate efficiently - says the president of MDI ENERGIA SA Grzegorz Sochacki.

-  We can take care of each photovoltaic project comprehensively, from support in obtaining financing for construction, obtaining replacement permits, through the construction and energy of the farm, to its commissioning. We also have the financial resources that allow us to purchase solar farm projects that are ready for construction. MDI already has its own wind farms, so the purchase of solar farm projects will be a natural complement to them - adds Grzegorz Sochacki.

It will be a good idea to choose a general contractor who will take care of the comprehensive implementation of the project and help in obtaining financing for the construction, after winning the ERO auction, or will buy a ready-made solar farm project.