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MDI Energia: Leader in the construction of agricultural biogas plants

Renewable energy sources have made their way in Poland for good. Wind energy has become the most widespread, and recently solar energy. These are undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of energy, but they have their limitations. First, they depend on weather conditions. Therefore, the biogas sector is becoming more and more important. Biogas plants generate energy continuously, minimizing environmental pollution through waste management.

MDI ENERGIA SA - comprehensive support after winning the ERO auction

Solar farms have captured the hearts of investors in Europe, and recently also in Poland. More and more entities are investing in photovoltaics in our country. An important element of this process is the ERO auctions for the sale of energy produced. But that's not all. In addition to a project ready for construction, with a winning auction, you also need financing and a reliable company with extensive experience in the implementation of such projects. 

MDI Energia biogas contract for 16 million PLN

MDI Energia SA has obtained another order for the construction of an agricultural biogas plant for a company belonging to the Polish Biogas Group. This is the fourth biogas plant contracted by MDI Energia for companies from the PGB group this year.

Mdi Energia will build a biogas plant in the Chorzele commune

MDI Energia has signed  a contract with the Polish Biogas Group for the construction of a 1 MW agricultural biogas heat and power plant in Chorzele, the company said in a statement.

The PV sector has sunny perspectives ahead

MDI Energia, which implements large projects in the renewable energy sector, reminds that in December last year, auctions prepared by the Energy Regulatory Office were held - these once again concerned PV projects with a capacity of up to 1 MW, but also (in another basket) auctions were held for projects larger than 1 MW. Both auctions were successful, and the total guaranteed auction price secures the construction of large-scale projects with a total capacity of over 1000 MW.

MDI and Griffin will combine photovoltaics with biogas and energy storage.

MDI ENERGIA, the general contractor of renewable energy sources, and the energy storage supplier Griffin Group Energy begin cooperation in the field of a solution aimed at creating hybrid renewable energy installations. 

Stock exchange representatives of the RES industry

There are also companies listed on the stock exchange that do not focus solely on photovoltaics. An example is MDI Energia.

The pandemic did not affect the results

MDI ENERGIA, listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has had a successful period. This year, the company is focusing on the implementation of the strategy. From the beginning of January, the auctions went up by 26%, to 4.12 PLN.

R.Power and MDI Energia with another contract for the implementation of PV farms

Listed on the WSE, MDI Energia SA has become the general contractor of the contract for solar farms, which will be implemented for R. Power. The contract covers the construction of 12 PV farms with a unit capacity of up to 1 MWp, located all over Poland. 

MDI ENERGIA will grow along with the pv market

The pandemic had no significant impact on the company's operations. The order package is around 400 million PLN.

MDI Energia will build 9 photovoltaic power plants for R.Power

Under the contract, MDI Energia will build a few photovoltaic projects for R. Power, the largest company in the photovoltaic sector in Poland, which only contracted projects with a total capacity of 121 MWp under last year's RES auction. The power plants will be built throughout Poland, and their construction will use double-sided monocrystalline modules.

A solar farm will be built in Masovia

MDI Energia has signed a contract with PGB Energetyka 9 for the construction of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of up to 1 MW with the necessary technical infrastructure in Zawady.