MDI ENERGIA will grow along with the pv market


The pandemic had no significant impact on the company's operations. The order package is around 400 million PLN.

MDI Energia, listed on the WSE, admits that the photovoltaic market is clearly booming. The management board also wants the company to return to dividends after 2021. Since the beginning of this year, MDI Energia's shares have increased by nearly 47 percent, to 4.11 PLN.

The market is growing

MDI Energia works in all areas of renewable energy. The company specializes in the comprehensive implementation of biogas plants and photovoltaic installations as well as wind farm projects. MDI Energia also conducts activities in the field of ​​building construction. The company is also a precursor in the implementation of renewable energy projects in the "turnkey" formula. The management board admits that the company may enter other areas of the PV market.

- We are currently implementing large-scale photovoltaic farm projects for investors, and we do not rule out entering the retail market in the future with an offer for individual clients. There is a clear boom in photovoltaics in Poland, which has very good prospects. The Institute for Renewable Energy predicts that in 2020 Poland will maintain the fifth place in the European Union in terms of increasing installed capacity in photovoltaics. He also forecasts that despite the economic slowdown, the photovoltaic capacity in Poland will increase in 2025 to over 7 GW from almost 1.5 GW a year ago - Grzegorz Sochacki, president of MDI Energia.

- We see great interest in photovoltaic installations, especially among retail customers, but also from companies from various industries that want to install panels on the roofs of their offices, shops, or warehouses to reduce operating costs. We are in a good position to grow along with the photovoltaic market - adds Sochacki.

The storm passed

Many companies were affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic. However, MDI Energia bypassed the crisis.

- So far, the coronavirus pandemic has not had a significant impact on our business activities. We carry out the contracted projects according to the plan, we successively sign new contracts, we have no worries about the delivery of materials. We follow the market situation and take preventive measures to increase the safety of our employees. In this area, we can be seen as a company avoided by the pandemic - says Grzegorz Sochacki.

The company focuses on further contracting of new biogas projects, photovoltaic installations, and wind farm projects. In addition, the company implements large-scale photovoltaic farms. Currently, MDI Energia is building seven agricultural biogas CHP plants under a long-term framework agreement for cooperation with the Polish Biogas Group, which provides for the implementation of a total of about 30 biogas plant projects with a capacity of up to 1 MW each. The value of all the company's orders is approximately PLN 400 million.

- The last time the company paid a dividend in 2018. The management board admits, however, that MDI Energia wants to return to sharing the generated profit with shareholders. - Our intention is to maintain the current dividend policy, assuming a payment to shareholders of about 50 percent net profit in the form of dividends. We assume that the return to payment of nearly half of the net profit will be possible after 2021 - says Grzegorz Sochacki. "


Author: Dominik Osowski