Stock exchange representatives of the RES industry


There are also companies listed on the stock exchange that do not focus solely on photovoltaics. An example is MDI Energia.

- We focus on the renewable energy sector. The biogas plant and photovoltaics are an area of ​​our intensive development. Our goal is, as much as possible, comprehensive provision of the highest quality services in the field of green energy, as well as introducing innovations to the market. We have a strategy that assumes achieving a leading position among companies from the renewable energy industry. We are one of the few companies that comprehensively prepare and implement large projects in all areas of renewable energy, including wind, biogas, and photovoltaic power plants. Soon we will add energy storage - says Piotr Gajek, vice president of MDI Energia.

He adds that biogas plants are the future direction of RES development. The coming years look very good for this sector.

- Poland has a potential that should be used. Biogas can be obtained, for example, from the fermentation of agricultural waste. So, we produce clean energy, use ecological resources, and dispose of waste in a non-invasive way - says Piotr Gajek.


Author: Dominik Osowski